Oct 3

Appeal of acts of the Head of Managing Authority

  Within the framework of the granting of assistance procedure through selection appointed by the Head of Managing Authority (MA), the commission assesses and classifies the submitted project proposals. The work of the evaluation committee takes place in two stages: 1. verification of administrative compliance and eligibility; 2. technical and financial evaluation.

Nov 4

Protection of the Debtor after the Latest Amendments to the CPC or Are We Witnessing the End of the Favored Position of Banks within Ordinance Proceedings

  With the promulgated in the State Gazette (SG) no. 86 of October 27, 2017 recent amendments to the Civil Procedural Code (CPC), accompanied by a broad media response and confronted with controversial views in the legal environment, the legislator took important steps towards ensuring a stronger and more adequate public protection of debtors. But only time and practice will show how far these changes to the CPC are appropriate to achieve the goal set and how much they will reassure the long-term tensions between large corporate creditors and their debtors. We are also about to see whether these changes in the CPC, welcomed by debtors, will not affect the availability of credit to citizens and businesses or, to put it another way, to lead to "tightening lending", which in the long run like a boomerang will come back to the same citizens and businesses, depriving them of the necessary credit, and hence lead to delay in the economy as a whole.

Jun 30

Municipalities Liability for Damage Caused by Stray Dogs

  One of the most important tasks of the municipality is to guarantee its citizens a calm and healthy atmosphere. However, this vital task is not always executed with adequate care and enough efficiency. Hence, numerous problems may occur locally, which can lead to serious aftermaths affecting the life and health of people.

  Such a problem, which is a serious threat to our health on a daily basis are the stray dogs. The issue has been underestimated for too many years and nowadays it is getting worrying proportions...

Apr 3

“Distant Selling” and “Off-premises Contract” Consumer Rights

  Both European and Bulgarian Law recognize different types of legal subjects that benefit from additional legal protection. Such subjects are usually individuals whose role in the market put them in vulnerable and disadvantageous position in comparison to their counterparties. For instance, an employee is entitled to additional legal remedies against his employer, who is supposed to be in superior and stronger position.

Mar 30

How the judgment rendered on the ground of Art. 632 (5) Commercial Act effects the insolvency assignee powers

  Just like the way enforcement procedure against debtors is associated with bearing a number of expenses, insolvency proceedings - regulated by the Commercial Act and representing a kind of universal compulsory execution against debtors[1] – may involve many and different costs, as well.

[1] In Bulgaria insolvency proceedings may only be initiated against a trader thus the insolvency debtor must bear commercial characteristics. The Bulgarian insolvency law does not know personal insolvency.