Feb 17

Ad hoc parliamentary committee for Hristo Bisserov and Boyko Borisov

  By decision of 5th February 2014, promulgated in State Gazette issue 13 of February 14th 2014, the National Assembly creates an Ad Hoc Committee with the task of verifying and establishing all the facts and circumstances surrounding the sudden resignation of former MP from DPS Hristo Bisserov. The Ad Hoc Committee tasks further include inspecting all facts and circumstances related to the allegations of scandalous correspondence and a meeting between the chairman of GERB Boyko Borisov and Biser Milanov, known as "the Stain". The Committee consists of 12 MP, three from each parliamentary group.

  Given that both Bisserov and Milanov are now defendants in pre-trial proceedings, unanswered remains the question why our legislative body uses its scheduled statutory powers to duplicate the competence of the judiciary power, as far as the formation and work of each committee represents additional expenses, which are paid with taxpayers money.