May 12

Electricity Trading Rules Amendments

  With the latest amendments of the Electricity trading rules (Rules), published in the State Gazette from 9th May 2014, the State Energy and Water Regulatory (SEWR) along with the great many verbal but not essential amendments of the Rules introduces one not so important change in Art. 28 from the Rules, which, however, greatly contributes to conspiracy and uncontrolled monopoly of companies in the energy sector. The Rules are adopted by the SEWR by virtue of its right under the Energy law and together with all other applicable bylaws are compulsory in all agreements regarding energy. The previous wording of the abovementioned text from the Rules, stating that “Household and non-household customers to end suppliers who use distribution network of publicly available general terms, pay all network services for the pricing period to the end supplier” is now deprived of its part “who use distribution network of publicly available general terms”. Obvious as it is, contrary to the promises of the present government for more transparency in the energy sector, uncontrolled monopoly of electricity distributing companies not only is not decreased, but will widen further, not without the active support of the state. The new revision of the Rules does not provide for the obligation for public access to the conditions under which end suppliers use the distribution networks for which, as it is well known, significant fees are collected from the final consumer. With such changes in rules and regulations in the energy sector not only does the government fail to contribute to its improvement, but it actively assists the maintenance of the status quo and the disadvantages faced by the end user.