Jan 24

Bulgarian Parliament adopts the new Electoral Code at first reading

  Yesterday , the Bulgarian Parliament adopted at first reading the new draft Electoral Code, proposed by the Socialist party and rejected changes in election rules imported by opposition party GERB.

  The new Electoral Code provides for the introduction of preferential voting . The proportional electoral system of preferential type is a two-tier electoral system in which it is voted for a political party or coalition and within the selected political party it is to be voted for a person. After counting the results a real ordination of the lists of all ballots to the total number of received votes "FOR" ( bookmarks ) for each candidate for member of the parliament is carried out. The maximum number of candidates in a ballot is 2N, where N stands for the number of seats for a particular Constituency .

   Experimentally the new Electoral Code is to introduce machine voting while printing of ballots is expected to be possible in the BNB Printing Works only.