Nov 14

Act of Judiciary Recent Amendments Found Negative for the Judiciary Independence in Bulgaria

  On November 12, 2017 a meeting of the European association of judges was held in Chili. One of the topics discussed was related to the recent legislative changes in the Act of Judiciary of the Republic of Bulgaria, which entered into force on 15 June 2017. The opinion of the association is that these changes might be considered prejudicial to the independence of the Judiciary in Bulgaria.

Nov 7

National Autumn Conference of the Supreme Bar Council

  The Supreme Bar Council for another year organized a National autumn conference of the Bulgarian Legal Bar. It was held in the town of Velingrad where many and a variety of topics were discussed, but finally the attention was given to the civil liability of the lawyers and the issues with the insurance of lawyers and law firms. The forum made fifteen recommendations separated in two groups – first group concerning the civil liability of the lawyer, and the second – insurance of lawyers and law firms.