Feb 24

Translocation of Sofia Regional Court

  After waiting for more than a couple of years, the translocation of Sofia Regional Court to its new building at Sofia, 54 Tzar Boris Treti boul. has finally been set in progress.

  From 4th March onwards Third Civil Division of the court, also known as “the marriage division”, shall perform its activity in the new building of the court. Remaining civil court panels are very soon expected to follow it. The old building of the court shall continue to house the penal division and Sofia Regional Prosecutor Office.

Nov 2

New Mandatory Food Packaging Information EU Requirements

  Date 13th Dec 2014 marks the beginning of the application of Regulation (EU) No 1169/2011 on the provision of food information to consumers. This legislative act of the EU amends and repeals a number of EU acts, regulating food and drinks trade while at the same time it decrees new rules on the provision of food information to consumers.

Sep 25

Private Bailiffs Proportionate Fee

  The passig-away September witnessed a significant response in electronic media to court ruling of the Supreme Administrative Court of Bulgaria (SAC) from 29th Sep 2014 providing for the suspension of the execution of Council of Ministers Decree № 215/2014 dating Jul 2014, amending the Private Bailiff Fee Tariff in a way that private bailiffs in Bulgaria can no longer collect proportionate fee in cases of debt payment within the respective voluntary debt payment term.

May 13

Commercial Register Now on Mobile Application

 A presentation of a new mobile application to the Commercial register was made during the today held conference at Grand Hotel Sofia under the slogan "Facing business and European best practices" organized by the Ministry of Justice in partnership with the Registry Agency.