May 12

Electricity Trading Rules Amendments

  With the latest amendments of the Electricity trading rules (Rules), published in the State Gazette from 9th May 2014, the State Energy and Water Regulatory (SEWR) along with the great many verbal but not essential amendments of the Rules introduces one not so important change in Art. 28 from the Rules, which, however, greatly contributes to conspiracy and uncontrolled monopoly of companies in the energy sector.

Apr 12

Court of Justice of the European Union finally said „no” to impunity arbitrariness of banks over people

  With its revolutionary decision from 14 March 2013 the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) inflicted a severe blow to banks and and their practically so far undisputed opportunity for apparent arbitrariness over economically weaker mortgage credit borrowers. With this decision, having a binding effect on our country and our national courts regarding the interpretation of EU law, the CJEU is on its way to lead to legislative amendments of the internal law of EU members and our national Civil Procedural Code (CPC) in its part, regulating instant enforcement proceedings.

Mar 29

Company registration in Bulgaria

  Among the most common company types registered in Bulgaria by Bulgarian or foreign natural persons or entities are companies of capital – limited liability company – LTD (respectively single member limited liability company) and joint-stock company – JSC (respectively single member joint stock company).

Mar 26

Trademark registration

  Among the frequently asked questions that lawyers and law firms dealing with copyright, trademarks, industrial design, etc. (intellectual property law) receive from their business and corporate clients are those regarding the various types of registration procedures a trademark could go through and the legal protection provided by those registration procedures.